£230m Bitcoin Fortune lost sitting at bottom of a pit!

What would you do if you accidentally threw out a hard drive that contained your Bitcoin credentials now worth more than £230million , what would you do?

Engineer says his £230m Bitcoin fortune is sitting at bottom of landfill site!

James Howells, 35, is offering his local council more than £55million – a quarter of the wealth – to dig up the rubbish tip in Newport, Wales.

He accidentally threw out the hard drive in 2013 and says it now contains Bitcoin worth more than £230million as the value of the crypto-currency has rocketed. 

He said: ‘There’s pot of gold for someone at the end of the rainbow – and that ends in the landfill site.’

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Crypto Risks Bitcoin Crashes Britain’s Financial Watchdog has warned?

The watchdog has cautioned investors about the pitfalls of investing in crypto in the past. The latest warning comes amid renewed investor interest in the space and a recent surge in the price of bitcoin.

Analysts had been warning that a correction was due and the price fell dramatically over the weekend. Bitcoin has fallen by around 12% over the last 24 hours to trade around the $35,650 mark (BTC-USD).

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Bitcoin in 2020 rose in price almost by 300%, is it a Fact?

Bitcoin has risen in price by nearly 300 per cent in 2020, outperforming the combined gains of gold and the Dow Jones stock market by a factor of 10.

Recent gains have propelled the cryptocurrency to new record highs of close to $30,000 (£22,000), having traded below $5,000 as recently as March.

Bitcoin’s performance have led some analysts to speculate that we are in the midst of the third great price rally in its 11-year history, as investors increasingly view it as a form of “digital gold” rather than a speculative investment or cash alternative.

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Bitcoin Ultimate bull cases that Access Members Market News

Trader says 23 factors show a rally is due Now!

A pseudonymous Bitcoin swing trader laid out 23 technical and fundamental reasons BTC is currently entering a bullish phase.

A pseudonymous Bitcoin BTC trader outlined 23 key technical and fundamental factors that could buoy BTC’s medium-term bull case.

The data points shared by the trader, known as “Byzantine General,” fit into four major themes.

They are a less overheated market, a neutralizing futures market, less leveraged traders and strengthening fundamentals.

The Bitcoin futures market is neutralizing.

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Crypto Currency Exchanges Good or Bad Reviews First Look!

Just recently we were looking at some Crypto Currency Exchanges from a list we compiled a while back and were interested to see the voices and content being written about Yobit were not very good!

They were said to be shady with their business practices are the more we investigated the voices began getting louder.

We advise and always recommend doing your own research whenever thinking about investing in any form of crypto currency first and a good source for first hand reviews and experiences can certainly be found on Reddit, or do a Google search first as there are lots of other crypto forums you can connect to first for reviews to find out what’s being said!

The amount of complaints about Yobit is burgeoning and we recommend you stay well away from them as they are no longer currently functioning as a legitimate exchange.

Some useful information can be found from here captainaltcoin.com

Stay Safe

Bitcoin Community Members

Bitcoin Crypto Market Update April 2020

In Markets

After the best week since 1974, US stocks fell on Monday, with the Dow closing 1.4% down and the S&P 500 down 1%. Bitcoin fell 4.5% in tandem and it’s currently trading at just under $10,800, which is 5.8% down on a week ago.

Everything else was in the red: Ethereum (-6.4%), XRP (-3.75%), Bitcoin Cash (-11.3%), Bitcoin SV (-0.75%), Litecoin (-7.6%), EOS (-9.4%) and Stellar (-2.1%).

With the correlation to stocks appearing to hold, it’ll be interesting to see what happens as quarterly earnings reports are released from today.

Quantum Economics founder Mati Greenspan predicts the earnings season will be “probably the worst in history”.


Top Ten coins outperform stocks in 2020
Redditor Joe-M-4 Gold has been conducting his popular ‘Top Ten Cryptos’ experiment for three years now. On January 1, 2020, he bought $100 in each of the top ten cryptocurrencies and his just released March report found his overall investment was still up 7% for the year. By contrast the S&P 500 was down 23%. The top ten coins he bought in January 2018 fared badly and are down 87%, but his 2019 basket is currently up 6.5%.


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Buying Gold Don’t Be Fooled Just Yet Say Bitcoin Members!


In the 2008 crash there was a big build-up of publicity stating gold price had been steadily rising and there was more than one reason for this as similarly showing the same signs as of today.

Earlier in the century gold price went extremely low and at this point gold so cheap to buy the demand rose not only for use in jewellery and electronics it started to have many more applications requirements for the new world order!

As this virus kicks even more into the further; “what are we going to spend money on”? We are all house bound, Amazon is suffering, army’s controlling the streets and we can’t go out its limited, restricted unless shopping for essentials. “What a madder world this has become”!

We are living in uncertain times and some saying ever recorded in history. That in itself is a good enough reason for gold prices to rise temporarily it’s called panic buying in the same way it is including necessities, essentials and food etc.!

Inflation occurs when demand is consistently greater than supplies and that is sure the case for today so our advice is to buy little but hold out for this to sink much lower.

Recent government chemical structure will support some of the demand during this difficult period, however it is highly unlikely demand will be boosted excessively as money dries up quickly!

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Bitcoin Virus Suggests New Death Prices With No 10K BTC Movement Before June!

Bitcoin results have shown dominance and needs to reclaim 60% movement before June 2020 and although dominance of bitcoin is still down 4% the highs for the overall year to date are at around 60%. There has been a general safety flight in Bitcoin it is pushing on an upwards trend so watch this space and buy your gold now click here

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Crypto Market Update Down Under March 2020!

It’s been a horror week across every financial market and asset class, and crypto is no exception. Late last week the price plunged 52% in 24 hours – before bouncing off the bottom – for the Bitcoin halving nobody wanted. Bitcoin is currently trading above $9,000 and finishes the week 32% down. Despite this, it’s only lost 22% in 2020 so far. The only coins in the green this week were stablecoins like Tether and USDC – both up around 6% during the crash as investors tried to cash out. The Tether market cap has increased above US$5 billion for the first time and USDT on exchanges hit an all time high of $1.23 billion. Ethereum is down 42% for the week, XRP lost 30.3%, Bitcoin Cash (-32.3%), Litecoin (-32%), Bitcoin SV (-44%), EOS (-35%) and Stellar (-28%).

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Bitcoin coronavirus bounces back amid concerns!

Investors seek safe haven because of fears over the economic impact of outbreak

Bitcoin has bounced back above $10,000 (£7,731), fuelled by investors seeking a safe haven amid fears over the economic impact of the coronavirus.

On Sunday, bitcoin rose above $10,000 for the first time since September and by Wednesday was trading at $10,335 on the Luxembourg-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. It marks a significant shift in fortunes for the 10-year-old cryptocurrency, which hit a low of $3,196 in December 2018.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have joined gold as a safe-haven asset at times of economic or political uncertainty.