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Dear Members,

Domain name I have owned for over 10 years.

I bought the domain just when Crypto started to make a noise, and now in the right hands could be a smart investment!

The opportunities are endless, Bitcoin Members being just one of them!

I have built a basic WordPress website that’s receiving some traffic and now needs that someone to switch on the start button!?

There are hundreds of thousands, millions of people Worldwide who are ready to listen to what bitcoin is, and, if you are able to see the potential, then this could be for you?!

My goal would be to sell the domain outright with everything included online!

Unique visitors monthly!

Below is a list of social media accounts in the same names ‘Bitcoin Members’ I own
that would also be available as part of a package;

Domain Name URL:

Twitter Account 1:
Bitcoin Gold Members

Twitter Account 2:
Bitcoin Members

Facebook Page




If interested it would be good to hear from you?

Offers starting from 10 Bitcoins


Thanks in advance!
Best Regards

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