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Bitcoin Ring Market Members Watch Sell Buy More!?

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Ring Market Bitcoin Members Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad Advises Selling Amid Price Crash but Plans to Buy More

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On Monday morning, Bitcoin’s price experienced a significant drop following the announcement that Mt. Gox will begin distributing $9 billion in BTC to creditors in July after a decade-long wait. This decline also came on the heels of news that the German government has started selling a substantial quantity of seized bitcoins. These developments have caused considerable concern among Bitcoin ring members of which will be resolved quickly as this is a very volatile fast moving market.

We are not in any way financial or crypto related advisors, we just cast our opinions!

Approximately $9 billion in bitcoin (BTC) and $50.8 million in bitcoin cash (BCH) are set to be distributed to Mt Gox creditors. “The repayments will be made from the beginning of July 2024,” according to the official Mt Gox announcement. This distribution comes after creditors have endured a lengthy wait of ten years and three months. Mt Gox ceased operations on February 24, 2014, when it halted all trading and took its website offline.

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Crypto Currency Exchanges Good or Bad Reviews First Look!

Just recently we were looking at some Crypto Currency Exchanges from a list we compiled a while back and were interested to see the voices and content being written about Yobit were not very good!

They were said to be shady with their business practices are the more we investigated the voices began getting louder.

We advise and always recommend doing your own research whenever thinking about investing in any form of crypto currency first and a good source for first hand reviews and experiences can certainly be found on Reddit, or do a Google search first as there are lots of other crypto forums you can connect to first for reviews to find out what’s being said!

The amount of complaints about Yobit is burgeoning and we recommend you stay well away from them as they are no longer currently functioning as a legitimate exchange.

Some useful information can be found from here captainaltcoin.com

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